Enjoy a relaxed summer vacation thanks to your smart home

The number of (attempted) burglaries in Germany in 2021 was 54,236, which is on a high level. Whether an attempt is successful or not depends eminently on your homes safety.

Especially during vacation season, it is essential to safe your home and all your belongings. Finally, you want to enjoy your vacation and do not worry about things that might could happen at home while you are absent. In our blog post, we will show you how the combination of door and window sensors, motion detectors, cameras and alarm sirens with a smart home hub integration can become an undefeatable home security system.

Benefit twice of the sensors in your smart home

Your smart alarm system has a lot of advantages: On the one hand, it can be built in a modular way thanks to the diverse and wireless components. On the other hand, the sensors not only enable making your home safer, but can also save energy. For example: if a door and window sensor detects an open door or window you can set and choose between different scenarios with the help of your smart home hub. One scenario could be to turn off your heating when you are at home. If a door or window gets open during your absence, you can trigger a siren and get a push notification on your smartphone.

Wherever you are, your smart home security system is always with you. It’s easy to set up and operate via smartphone – at home on the couch or on the go.

Security for your home

Home security systems are not an invention of the modern age, but unlike the complicated wired systems, you can install your smart home systems easily and inexpensively. Adding and connecting smart cameras, sensors and sirens is a cakewalk. Thanks to wireless connection via Wi-Fi or smart home wireless standards such as Z-Wave, you do not need to worry about complicated wiring. All you need are some individual security components and a smart home control center. 

There are a lot of providers on the market and each one is a specialist of its own smart solutions and devices. In addition, there are not only many, many providers, but also different radio protocols, which are may not compatible with each other. To get access to the most popular wireless radio protocols and providers, we recommend to choose the Aeotec Smart Home Hub (Works as a SmartThings Hub) as your gateway. It comes up with Z-Wave, Zigbee and Wi-Fi. With the Aeotec Hub you can control and manage all „works with SmartThings“ certified devices by using an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Components for your smart security system

As already mentioned, the topic of alarm system plays a major role while you are absent. Door/window contacts, motion detectors, cameras and automated lights help you detect uninvited guests and take action. For instance a door and window contact detects when a window or door is opened without authorization. The motion detector registers movements on your property. Both scenarios can trigger predefined reactions in your smart home. When motion is detected, your siren sounds an alarm and all your lights are turned on, the camera is activated and your blinds shut down automatically. In addition you will receive a notification on your smartphone to take preventive action or inform the police.

POPP solar outdoor siren 2 - the smart alarm siren

Many people consider the classic outdoor siren as the most effective protection against burglary. The shrill sound as well as the flashing signal light of the siren put unauthorized persons to flight. In addition to the visual and optical alarm, you will also be informed directly via push notification on your smartphone.

The POPP outdoor siren is the only solar-powered outdoor siren with Z-Wave radio protocol and “Work with Smart Things”-certified. The large solar panel charges the internal capacitor so it can maintain operation for 60 days – even when there is no sun. The advantage is clear: you do not need to lay a power cable and can freely install the siren wherever you want on the wall of your house.

Video surveillance with the Aeotec Cam 360

With the “Work with Smart Things”-certified full HD Aeotec Cam 360 you are always at home with just one click. The areas of use are adapted to your needs – whether as a baby monitor, pet cam or for monitoring your property. As soon as a movement is registered, you will be informed immediately via smartphone. The 360° view captures every corner and thanks to the 2-way audio function you can put uninvited guests directly to rout.

Access control with Danalock

Maybe it has already happened to you: In the rush before leaving, you forgot to lock the front door properly. An unlocked door is practically an invitation for every burglar. The Danalock provides a remedy, because it automatically locks the front door as soon as you leave the house. The Danapad completes the smart access control for your home.

As you can see, with a smart home security system, you’re in full control even when you’re on vacation. The advantages are obvious: 

  • Easy installation without wiring
  • a security system according to your individual requirements
  • Control and manage your home from anywhere in the world
  • get notifications in case of emergency

Close the door behind you and enjoy your vacation: with your smart home security system you have everything under control. Any questions? We will be happy to help you.