What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is the international standard for wireless communication between different devices in homes and offices. More than 350 vendors from all continents of all sizes and all backgrounds (heating, lighting, software, security, safety, …) have joined forces to establish a common language that allows their products to be used together in one single installation. Z-Wave is the first wireless standard that specified all aspects of communication and is adopted by various vendors. This and only this really allows to use different products from different vendors together and prevent to be locked in by one vendor’s proprietary solution.

What is Zigbee?

Zigbee is a widely used wireless standard for networking home automation devices. More than 230 companies worldwide have joined forces to advance the development of this technology. Like Bluetooth and WLAN, Zigbee uses a frequency of 2.4 GHz, but is characterised by better energy efficiency and greater flexibility. This makes Zigbee ideal for battery-powered sensors and thermostats. There are also numerous other options for controlling blinds, lamps and sockets to form a comfortable and secure smart home. Strictly speaking, Zigbee has a number of different specifications for application areas.

All devices are certified to full interoperability with each other.
As a result devices from different vendors and different applications work together in one wireless network.


Buy switches, lights, thermostats, window sensors, security systems and other smart devices to combine them in your own Z-Wave network.


Even if single devices will disappear from the market you can integrate them into your Z-Wave network. All Z-Wave and Zigbee devices are compatible with each other.


With Z-Wave you can build your own wireless smart home meeting your demands without costly reconstruction work and replace of all existing installations.