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What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is the leading international technology standard for wireless communication in so called Smart Homes. Smart Home means intelligent connection and automation of various functions within buildings as well as adjacent outdoor facilities. In doing so different electrical installations such as light switches, electronic door locks, heating thermostats, blind controls and other appliances are controlled by sensors, wall switches, remote controls, smartphones, tablet and desktop pc.

Customers can choose from an ever-growing number of different products from a growing number of global manufacturers. They all support the Z-Wave standard and guarantee full interoperability within a common home network.

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Makers of Z-Wave

As far as focussed standards go, Z-Wave is a massive ecosystem. There are over 700 companies manufacturing devices with over 3,000 unique products having been certified since the technology's inception. Each of those have been certified by the Z-Wave Alliance, a non-commercial organisation focussed on steering the development of Z-Wave as a technology and as a standard.

Brands which Z-Wave Europe distributes across Europe include;



  • Define light scenes according to your living style or special situations
  • "All off" function on the main door switches off all lights
  • Easy setup of complex lighting installations
  • Parallel lighting control via wall switches, remote controls and sensors

Heating and climate

  • Heating/cooling schedule are automated to save energy
  • Turn on the heat when going home to come into a warm home
  • 20...30 % savings on heating when wireless control technology is applied


  • Arm/disarm your security system from wall pad or mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Secure all doors, windows and rooms with wireless sensors
  • Combine locking/unlocking of your electronic door lock with arming/disarming your security system
  • Have full access to all data when being on the road

Energy Saving

  • Visualize your total energy consumption on your PC, mobile phone or tablet
  • Turn off devices with stand by power when not used
  • Visualize individual energy consumption of every device within your Z-Wave network

Assisted Living

  • Sensor controlled automatic lighting prevents accidents due to darkness
  • Pressure-sensitive sensors detect falls and accidents
  • Permanent record and display of your blood pressure or weight etc. on your mobile or any other device
  • Access history and trends
  • Alerts and prevention functions


Z-Wave is an open wireless standard. The radio and MAC layer of the protocol is standardized by the International Telecommunications Union ITU-T and made available as standard G.9959.

Every hardware manufacturer, software manufacturer or system integrator can adopt Z-Wave just by using the Systems Development KIT provided by the chip manufacturer Silicon Labs.

For end consumers, it's the intent of the Z-Wave Alliance certification program that all certified devices work with all Z-Wave gateways and software. It can be imperfect, however, and consumers should compare compatibility-to-gateway lists published by some leading manufacturers. Aeotec maintains a list of Z-Wave gateway compatibilities at that link, for instance.

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