Perfect room air

The perfect room climate for a restful sleep for your little darling is made up of temperature, humidity and of course the oxygen content in the air. With a smart sensor in the children’s room, you always have all these values in view and in real-time. By the way, while we adults consider a temperature of 17 to 19 degrees to be optimal for sleeping, this should be between 19 to 21 degrees in the children’s room and have a humidity of 40% to 60%. The air quality can also be measured. The CO2 content is indicated in ppm (parts per million). In the outside air, this is approx. 400 ppm. All values up to 1,000 ppm in closed rooms are harmless. However, the value can quickly be exceeded in winter, for example, when the windows remain closed. Therefore, let your Smart Home inform you by push notification.

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Bad dreamed

If the little ones have had a bad dream, parents rush to comfort them. But that’s not always easy, because in the dark you can hit your little toe on the children’s room cupboard or the baby bed. Switching on the light is not an option – otherwise the baby would be woken up. Thanks to a clever, smart scene, the motion detector under the bed detects when the room is entered and switches on a lamp or ambient light at dimming level 1%. This allows you to navigate purposefully to your child.

Everything in a view

Even if you don’t have your baby in your immediate vicinity, you no longer have to worry about their safety. Thanks to the Aeotec Cam 360, you can keep an eye on your child while it`s playing, reading or sleeping, because on your smart Samsung TV, you can comfortably watch what your child is doing at any time without leaving your relaxed position on the couch.

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