Good night

Place your smartphone on the wireless charger or NFC tag and switch your house to “standby”. The blinds throughout the house will be lowered, all lights will be switched off and electrical devices will be put into energy-saving mode to reduce costs. In addition, the SmartThings Home Monitor “arms” all door and window sensors. If a window or door would be opened at night, all in and outside your home will turn on and the siren will sound in a loud tone. This warns you and the and immediately drives away the uninvited visitor.

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Good morning

Start the day stress-free with your Smart Home. As soon as you take your smartphone from the wireless charger or the NFC tag, the light in the bedroom switches on gradually. The lights in the bathroom and kitchen are turned on, your favourite radio station is played in all rooms via Multiroom playback, the blinds throughout the house are opened and the coffee machine brews the coffee.

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