Smart controlled – always the perfect light

Light can do so much! It illuminates our office or living areas as well as influencing our well-being and the associated mood. With the Zigbee controllers from GLED Opto, suitable LED light strips can not only be varied in colour and brightness, but also in colour temperature.

What is the difference between them? CCT stands for correlated colour temperature. When using LED lights, CCT stands for a controllable color temperature. The colour temperatures range from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin and can be individually controlled with the right controller. Warm-white light is measured at 2700 Kelvin, neutral-white at 4000 Kelvin and daylight at 6500 Kelvin. Depending on the day time, you can set a warm or cold colour temperature. On the one hand, it is recommended to set a warm light in the evening, similar to the setting sun. Whereas, on the other hand, daylight is more convenient in the morning hours.

While cold-white light promotes our concentration and so it is perfect for the workplace or in the bathroom in the morning, warm-white light creates a cosy, comfortable atmosphere. Ideal for relaxing on the couch in the evening from stressful everyday life. 

For the light in the bathroom, the Z-Wave Europe Team recommends the LED light stripes with adjustable colour temperature: LED light strip with colour temperature change – warm-white and cool-white can be set between 2200 Kelvin (warm-white ambient light) to the colour temperature 6500 Kelvin (“cool” ambient light).

This LED strip can be paired with the following controller:
Controller for CCT LED Strip (Zigbee)

As indirect light, your preferred tones can also create a pleasant ambience. For example, how about your TV board lighting up in grass green or in the club colour of your favourite team for the next football evening?

Our RGB CCT Stripe is particularly suitable for this. The LED stripe with 5-in-1 LED chip integrates the 3 basic colours (red, green, blue) as well as warm-white and cool-white in one chip. By mixing the coloured and single-coloured LEDs on the RGBW + CCT light strip, colour saturations/pastel colours can be adjusted.

The Stripes are available in two versions: 
LED Light Strip RGB + CCT – 60 LED/M
LED Light Strip RGB + CCT – 96 LED/M

This LED strip can be connected to the following controller:
Controller for RGB and CCT LED Strip (Zigbee)

With the high-quality 24V and 1500lm per metre, the LED stripe can be used as ambient light as well as illuminate your living areas as the main light. Thanks to the integrated dimming function, the light can be controlled via the Zigbee controller according to the time of day. This means that while the usually dark hallway shines in full brightness during the day, the way to the bathroom is dimmed at night. 

The Z-Wave Europe Team recommends for home office:
LED Light Strip daylight white – 6000 Kelvin

The Z-Wave Europe Team recommends for hallway and other living areas:
LED Light Strip neutral white – 4000 Kelvin

The Z-Wave Europe Team recommends for bedroom:
LED Light Band warm white – 2700 Kelvin