How COVID-19 makes our home smart

A house is far from just being a home. In times of the pandemic, there is probably no more appropriate saying. After all, the time we spend at home has increased significantly and the demands on our own homes are rising. Starting with the increased need for communication and comfort up to networking for the home office. And this is where the need for smart home devices to automate your home begins.

Imagine waking up in the morning and your Smart Home has raised the shutters, dimmed the lights, started your preferred music and freshly brewed the coffee. After breakfast, the bedroom is converted into an alternative office space. Your smart home sets a pleasant working light, adjusts the room temperature and ensures a productive feel-good atmosphere. But that’s not all: With the smart camera, you not only keep an eye on your kids playing in the nursery. You can also easily see who is ringing the doorbell and give the visitor access to the house with the smart door opener function.

At the end of the day, the laptop is put away, the light and room temperature change so that you can switch to relaxation mode. The robot vacuum cleaner has already vacuumed the rooms in the afternoon, the washing machine has automatically started the washing cycle and your smart fridge reports that it’s time to go shopping tomorrow. All you have to do is clarify who is responsible for hanging up the laundry and doing the shopping. Sounds like future? It’s not, it’s reality that you can already easily implement today. 

Smart office

Many companies let their employees work in a home office. The Smart Home is the basis for covering all aspects of the home office: Starting with the technology to hold video conferences up to an automated lighting concept that encourages focused work. 

Smart voice control

To reduce the risk of infection, it helps to reduce contact with shared items. This means that certain electrical devices should no longer be operated manually via a button or handle, but via voice assistants, apps or even motion detectors. 

Contactless operation significantly limits touching and thus the amount of viruses picked up and passed on by you and your family. For example, you can open doors by voice command, switch on the light via movement or trigger a pre-programmed scenario. Thanks to the many actuators and sensors, there’re no limits to your imagination.

Smart indoor climate

Dry indoor air can also promote the spread of the virus. You can reduce this danger by, for example, smartly monitoring and improving your air conditioning and air purification devices. In addition, regular ventilation and the associated heating is highly recommended. The clou: With smart devices, you not only prevent infection, but also save money.

Smart security

Your home isn’t only a living space, but also a work, business and social area. The more time you spend with your family at home, the more you should also think about security to protect yourself and your loved ones. With an alarm siren, you’re warned in various situations with acoustic and visual signals. No matter whether water is leaking in the cellar, smoke is developing in the kitchen or a burglar is trying to gain unauthorized access – a siren will alert you to all these conspicuous features. But that’s not all: with a smart roller shutter control, you can define scenarios that make it possible for blinds to be raised or lowered automatically.

Smart in spite of social distancing

It sounds paradoxical, but keeping your distance and staying in touch at the same time is possible. The Smart Home helps you stay in touch with people without violating the contact restrictions. Thanks to modern communication technology, meetings can take place via smartphone, tablet and even smart TV. Voice assistants that can be operated with voice commands alone make it easier not only for you but also for older people to access modern technologies.

So there is no denying that smart devices offer you a wide range of possibilities and contribute significantly to increased living comfort, more security as well as a resource-saving life.

We hope you and your loved ones stay healthy!