Washing and cleaning routine

Time for housework? From now on, this will also start with a touch of an button, so that the vacuum robot begins its work and the washing machine starts.

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Laundry is done

Nobody lies more shamelessly than the washing machine that promises to be ready in 10 minutes. To avoid having to check unnecessarily whether the washing machine is really ready, you can simply be notified conveniently by push notification when the laundry is ready. Do you not want your damp laundry to stay in the washing machine too long and to be ready on time at the end of the day? Use the “Laundry Planner” in the SmartThings App and conveniently set the end time for the laundry process.

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Safely stored

In the kitchen are dangerous objects for children such as knives, scissors or even detergents. Parents of young children know about these dangers, but not all of them can be easily eliminated. With SmartThings devices, they can keep them safer. Get notified via push notification on your smartphone or tablet when the kitchen cupboard where the cleaning products are stored is opened.