Ready to cook

How would it be if your kitchen was optimally lightened the moment you entered the room and the radio played your favourite music? Thanks to pre-defined scenarios, sequences of actions can be created with the Aeotec Smart Home Hub. In this case: WHEN motion detector detects movement, THEN switch light to 100% and Wall Plug on.

Used for this scenario:

Recipes for the oven

Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. But with Samsung home appliances and the SmartThings App, even the most reluctant cooks can create the most amazing recipes. Simply find your favourite recipe in the “Oven” section of the SmartThings App and send it directly to the oven with just one click. Thanks to the intelligent networking of Samsung household appliances, you can, for example, pre-heat the oven or control the temperature of the fridge via the app. In addition, error messages from the appliances are displayed on your smartphone or tablet.
Used for this scenario:
  • Samsung Infinite Oven
  • Smartphone or Tablet