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The best known name within the dedicated,smart home gateways space, SmartThings has long been amongst the most successful gateways too. SmartThings launched on Kickstarter in 2012, promoting a its software / hub solution in conjuction with Z-Wave devices from Aeotec. Its benefits clear, it rapdily rose to become the most successful smart home launch of its time, raising in excess of US$1.2 million on the funding platform.

In 2014, the SmartThings, inclusive of both its hardware and software / cloud platform, was acquiried by Samsung Electronics.


SmartThings products

Somewhat unique to our portfolio, the SmartThings hardware line includes a range of Zigbee devices including the controller hub, switches, and sensors.

You can find out more about the SmartThings range of Zigbee and Z-Wave products, along with compatible products from Aeotec Group, at aeotec.com/SmartThings.

Where to buy

European business-to-business purchase of SmartThings products can be made via Z-Wave Europe. Our list of imported products can be viewed here.

To find out where to buy SmartThings products for personal purchases, please visit Z-Wave Europe's reseller list.

Other makers

Z-Wave Europe stocks Europe's largest range of Z-Wave products. Follow that list to find out more about more products and other Z-Wave makers.

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