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Popp & Co.

One of the few European based makers of Z-Wave products, Popp & Co. was founded in Germany in 1930. As Popp & Co. and under their sub-brand POPP, theirs is a storied history. One that starts at the inception of electricity being used to manage switches and lamps in European homes and offices. And one that transitioned to smart home devices and software in the 2000s. You can read more about Popp's pedigree at that link.


Popp products

Popp & Co. focusses on the engineering of mission critical and niche Z-Wave devices;

  1. Theirs is the highest-quality range of appropriately certified Z-Wave smoke sensors;
  2. Weather stations and rain gauges are unique within Z-Wave to Popp.

You can find out more about Popp's range of Z-Wave products at PoppAndCo.com.

Where to buy

European business-to-business purchase of Popp products can be made via Z-Wave Europe. Our list of imported products can be viewed here.

To find out where to buy Popp products for personal purchases, please visit Z-Wave Europe's reseller list.

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