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World's first energy-automated Z-Wave wireless sensor


As of now Z-Wave Europe distributes the Popp & Co. Z-Weather Z-Wave weather sensor as a real world first. Z-Weather is a multifunctional sensor measuring different values and reporting to smart home center via Z-Wave wireless technology:

  • Wind strength/ Wind speed
  • Relative humidity
  • Air temperature
  • Light intensity
  • Air pressure
  • Dew point

Thanks to solar energy the Z-Weather works energy-automated without an additional battery or mains connection as the first Z-Wave device worldwide. The integrated power management ensures that there is always sufficient energy available to report emergency wind and twilight values. Therefore, the system can close protective blinds or retract awnings. If a skylight is open, residents can be alerted through notification and the roof window can then be closed automatically with the corresponding application.

Furthermore the Z-Weather wind sensor also provides data on the yield of solar and wind energy in case of an installed photovoltaics or wind power installation.

Further information about Z-Weather sensor can be found at POPP & Co’s website.

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